DINA - HITEX, spol. s r.o.

Ždánská 987

685 01 Bučovice


Tel. reception:

+420 517 380 820


Tel. orders Czech Rep.:

+420 517 324 503


Tel. orders other countries:

+420 517 324 504






About us

Firma DINA-HITEX spol.s r.o.

DINA-HITEX ranks among the most important producers and distributors of medical material in the Czech Republic. It went on the market in 1992  and ever since focusses primarily on the development and production of expendable supplies made of unwoven fabrics. DINA-HITEX currently employs 200 people and, in the town of Bučovice surrounded by deep Ždánský forest the company belongs to the major employers.

Apart from the medical material we produce and offer a wide range of products for the use in industry and cosmetics.

The principal manufacturing program of the company lies in the production of the single-use sterile / non-sterile medical material.

The barrier system developed by DINA-HITEX ranges from surgical masks to specialized single-use procedure kits designed for specific customers according to their requirements. Most of our production is custom and for the major part handmade and therefore special attention is paid to the  training of workers throughout the course of their employment.

The company branches are located in Trenčín, Slovakia and Bielsko-Biala, Poland.


Společnost DINA-HITEX spol.s r.o.