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In the last decade we focused on the development and production of surgical drapes.


For more than 20 years we have been cooperating with specialists from European hospitals with the intention of learning about the work of surgeons and surgical teams at operating theatres. Our primary aim is to understand the specific needs of particular invasive surgeries and consequently to develop drapes with the right properties.


We have learned from our experience that each workplace, type of surgery and primarily each surgeon has individual needs so we concentrated on customisation and an individual approach to our customers.


The first step is always the understanding of your needs and selection of a functional material. We focus our attention on the safety of surgical team use and patient comfort while developing every new drape.


Currently we are producing a wide portfolio of products from simple drapes to a complex barrier system protecting the patient as well as medical equipment.


Our know-how is the combination of functional materials and integrated elements such as:

  •  Adhesive zones
  •  Apertures
  •  Incision film
  •  Fixing elements
  • Transparent zones
  • Extra absorbent reinforcement in critical part
  • Fluid collection pouches
  • Indicative labels for safety use


See the illustrative samples of our production: 


Our own production utilises a combination of technology and manual work. The high-frequency fully automatic production line for drapes enables us to process high-volume orders while specific requirements and technical details are handmade. Manual work dominates our overall production.

All DINA-HITEX drapes are for single use only and suitable for ETO sterilisation.

To maximise the properties and to simplify your surgical theatre work use the drape as a component of the DINA-HITEX STERILE SURGICAL SET.


Contact us and together we will develop a product which fulfils your demands: