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Dina-Hitex is a reliable producer and distributor of medical disposable products based in Bučovice (South Moravia).

We design products with regards to safe and easy application at surgical theatres to ensure maximal safety of personnel and patients.

Wide range of product portfolio responds to extensive needs of customers and proves systematic developing work with doctors and health specialists.

The key program is development and production of highly sophisticated surgical drapes and sets made according to customers´ specific requirements.

Dina-Hitex surgical drapes and sets distinguish from the others by its precision and quality for a reasonable price.

Dina-Hitex has been on the Czech and European market since 1992.

Broad net of sales representatives covers the whole Czech market. In Slovakia and Poland there are branch offices.

In 2016 new production started in India and Tunisia with aim to spread Dina-Hitex products over to Indian and North African markets.

Basic facts:

  • DINA-HITEX portfolio consists of 39 000 items
  • We are active in 35 countries on 3 continents
  • We employ 750 people
  • Clean rooms reach to 2500 sqm
  • Total company area is 8 000 sqm
  • In-house:
    • ETO sterilisation
    • Production of laminated 2 and 3 ply materials
    • Testing laboratory
    • Production of adhesive tapes
    • Production of device covers


foundation of HITEX company

transformation to DINA-HITEX company
building up clean rooms class ISO 7, 8
ETO sterilisation chamber
automatic package line
lamination line for production of multi ply materials
foundation of Hitex Healthcare company in India
fully automatic line for drape production
foundation of Medica Hitex company in Tunis
expand of clean rooms ISO 7,8
build-up of administration building and testing laboratory
opening of a new production area in Hodějice
obtaining MDR certification




Shashidhar Singh

Pavel Hrabovský
Company Director

Štěpán Tichý
Quality Manager

Jiří Novotný
Regulation Manager

Libuše Machálková
Sales Director

Sylva Rozmanitová
Purchase Director

Stanislav Koval
Production Director

Martina Novotná
Warehouse Manager

Pavlína Zelená
Head Accountant

Our aims

Customers care   

A content customer is one of our priorities, that´s why we try to conduct our processes accordingly.

That is why we:

  • manufacture products that bring our customers expected level of comfort and safety
  • offer effective and economical solutions that fully cover customers´ requirements
  • maintain long-term partnerships based on individual approach, professional communication and meeting customers´ needs

Quality of products and services

Continuous quality increase of Dina-Hitex products is the basic principle for keeping up customers´ satisfaction.

That´s why we:

  • train our employees regularly
  • directly co-operate with specialists and professionals in ambulances and surgical theatres where we deal with product design, materials and its utility.
  • follow principles of international norms for Quality management (ISO 13485) and Environmental management (ISO 14001) 
  • fulfil practicality and adequate efficiency of Quality system 
  • endeavour for flexible and timely deliveries to customers 

Improving employees expertise

The key of good quality customer service is competent workers.  Systematically and in the long term, we strengthen employees´ professional and personal skill development in field of production of medical products.

Antipollution measures

We are aware of our contribution to the quality of environment.

That´s why we:

  • respect valid regulations of all legal enactments and binding obligations of concerned authorities.
  • restrain impact on environment by selecting suitable production technologies and sources that at the same time do not jeopardize health and life of employees.
  • thoroughly realize preventive source of material and energy consumption, constantly monitor and evaluate potential risks for which we take measures to eliminate.
  • increase employees knowledge regarding antipollution measures within training programmes
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